Bold Echoes: a short fashion film commissioned by Miu Miu x Dazed honouring the next generation of spirited, expressive and disruptive voices. Starring Kai Isaiah Jamal.

Watch Bold Echoes here.

Bold Echoes, 2021, 2 mins

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Trailer: Cranes, Mafiosos and a Polaroid Camera, 2018

Cranes... screened In Competition for Best International Short Film at Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg and Best Screenwriting at Underwire Film Festival. It also received 3 Official Selections, at London Short Film Festival, Aesthetica Film Festival, and Omaha Film Festival.

Cranes, Mafiosos and a Polaroid Camera, 2018, 7 mins

A portrait of a Native American woman who comes to terms with the complexity of her identity, nature and death. 

Watch the full film here.

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The Tourist, 2017, 42 mins

"Tung’s film is a sweaty, erotic dive into the untapped potential of the original story... British experimental cinema is still strong."

Regarded by many as one of the greatest sci-fi scripts never made, this music-driven adaptation of The Tourist tells the story of a sex-charged alien underworld in the heart of Manhattan. 

Centred around Stephen Mallinder's position as one of the world's foremost electronic music pioneers through his work with Cabaret Voltaire and featuring Phil Winter of Tunng and acclaimed electronic producer Benge, Wrangler provide a live soundtrack to the dark script with visuals from Tash Tung and live visuals from Dan Conway.

Watch The Tourist here.

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Unknown Pleasure, 2017, 5 mins

A multi-screen fiction exploring the multiplicities of the image and female domesticity.

Supporting emerging artists moving image — the commissioning fund from the London Short Film Festival supported by Arts Council England — premiered Unknown Pleasures at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, 13th January 2018.

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