gazelle twin: kingdom come - an audio visual performance for two vocalists

“These days even reality has to look artificial.”

― J.G. Ballard, Kingdom Come

Making its debut at FutureEverything 2016, British artist Gazelle Twin presents Kingdom Come, a new audio visual performance in collaboration with Chris Turner and Tash Tung, premiering at Manchester Art Gallery.

Commissioned by FutureEverything, this conceptual performance for two vocalists will be staged in six chapters, incorporating electronics, film, and a brand new soundtrack from Gazelle Twin, created from samples and live vocal manipulation. With the piece set on treadmills against a manic, illusory landscape, Kingdom Come places heightening physical demands on the performers, resulting in an exhausting, otherworldly climax.

Taking its title from J. G Ballard’s final novel, Kingdom Come will play with notions of feralness, displacement and the uncanny in the contemporary British, urban landscape.

Duration: 40 minutes.


The Quietus premiere of The Suburbs Dream of Violence

The Quietus: Gazelle Twin, Kingdom Come and the Death of Live Music at Sonár
After witnessing the uncanny majesty of Gazelle Twin's Kingdom Come at this year's Sonár Festival, Karl Smith considers the possible future of live music in a post-chrome world.

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photos above from raymond van mil / thump magazine at rewire festival 2016

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